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A comprehensive
IQEX Exam Program

Give yourself the best
opportunity to pass the IQEX exam.

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Data Analytics

A comprehensive five-part program that provides training and practical guidance.

CAW Network USA is adding self-study e-learning modules and webinars, allowing those registered to take and complete modules that can provide CPD credit. We plan to expand this to include credit for US CPAs. This section of our website is open to anyone who wishes to register and take classes. Any questions please contact [email protected]

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From $1195**

USCPA-NOW Comprehensive IQEX Program 2021

Give yourself the best opportunity to pass the IQEX exam and become a US CPA. 1 year subscription including all updates and support.

From $900* - 10 CPE Credits

Data Visualization

The Data Visualization Certificate will guide you through every major facet of one of the most important areas of your data practice.

From $900* - 15 CPE Credits

Forecasting and Predictive Analytics Certificate

This certificate will teach you fundamental techniques used for predictive analytics.

From $879* - 14 CPE Credits

Data Analytics Modeling Certificate

This course will aid you in identifying opportunities, processes, and necessary data for solving analytical problems.

From $999* - 14 CPE Credits

Application of Data Analysis Essentials Certificate

This program provides the core concepts and definitions of
data analytics, which explain the anatomy of data as a medium.

From $395* - 8 CPE Credits

Data Analytics Core Concepts

Learn core concepts in data analytics and how to conduct and apply data analytics to projects in your organization.

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USCPA Free Sampler

See how our USCPA Now course will help you pass the IQEX exam with an entire free section of the full course.

Bonus Course

USCPA Now – Bonus Practice Tests

A study tool for the IQEX exam included for free with the purchase of every USCPA NOW course.

From $235* - 11 CPE Credits

Introduction to SOC for Service Organizations Reporting

Gain foundational knowledge to effectively perform SOC for service organizations examinations.

From $155* - 6 CPE Credits

Revenue Recognition: Mastering the New FASB Requirements

This CPE course will provide you with an in-depth understanding of the framework for revenue recognition.

From $115* - 4 CPE Credits

Real Frauds Found in Government

Learn about real-world government fraud, including cyber fraud, & your responsibilities when dealing with government.

From $195* - 8.5 CPE Credits

Public Company Update: SEC, PCAOB, and Other Developments

Stay up-to-speed on the latest changes to the requirements for public companies issued by the SEC and PCAOB

From $115* - 4.5 CPE Credits

Protecting Your Client and Your Firm from Tax Return Identity Theft

Reduce the risk of cyberattacks against your firm and clients & know what steps to take in the event that a security breach does occur.

From $249* - 15 CPE Credits

Nexus Update: Latest Developments in State Income, Franchise, and Sales Taxes

Learn whether your company or client has nexus in a state, thus requiring the filing of either state income tax or sales tax returns.

From $69* - 1.5 CPE Credits

IRS Guidance on Taxation for Virtual Currency

This course covers the new guidance, FAQs, and what you need to know as a tax practitioner or personal financial planner to answer your clients' questions.

From $189* - 9.5 CPE Credits

Form 990: Mastering its Unique Characteristics

This course will also provide you with the knowledge necessary to complete Form 990s properly and advise exempt clients on the form's complexities and demands.


Emerging Topics in Accounting 2020

This product combines on demand learning in the areas of cybersecurity, blockchain, data analytics and robotics with Journal of Accounting articles.

From $75* - 2 CPE Credits

Financial Forecasting: Planning for Success

Get the tools to project the balance sheet and statements of income & cash flow, determine the company's maximum sustainable growth & predict its external fund requirements.

From $95* - 3 CPE Credits

Business Continuity Management

This course covers the steps needed to implement a comprehensive business continuity plan — including business impact analysis.

From $115* - 5 CPE Credits

Reviewing Individual Tax Returns: What Are You Missing

Reviewers often miss common errors practitioners make on individual tax returns. This informative CPE course is designed to sharpen the reviewer’s skills.

From $155* - 6.5 CPE Credits

Not-for-Profit Accounting and Auditing Update

This course covers new FASB requirements and information on the latest OMB and Yellow Book developments.

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