Section 1 Contracts
Section 2 Federal Securities Acts
Section 3 Secured Transactions
Section 4 Bankruptcy
Section 5 Debtor-Creditor Relationships
Section 6 Agency
Section 7 Regulation of Employment
Section 8 Business Structure
Section 9 Professional and Legal Responsibilities
Section 10 Individual taxation
Section 11 Corporate Taxation
Section 12 Partnership Taxation
Section 13 Transactions in Property
Section 14 Gift and Estate Tax, Trusts And Exempt Organizations, Other Taxation Topics

1.7 The Doctrine of Substantial Performance

If a contract has been substantially performed by one party to a contract, but there are minor deviations, the other party is not absolved from its obligations. Damages in keeping with the deviation (or defect) may be deducted.

The concept of substantial performance applies most often to construction contracts when, for example, a contractor installs a component outside of the agreed-upon specifications. For example, if a bathroom renovation calls for porcelain doorknobs and brass ones are substituted in error, the homeowner still would be charged with paying almost the entire stipulated price.

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