Section 1 Contracts
Section 2 Federal Securities Acts
Section 3 Secured Transactions
Section 4 Bankruptcy
Section 5 Debtor-Creditor Relationships
Section 6 Agency
Section 7 Regulation of Employment
Section 8 Business Structure
Section 9 Professional and Legal Responsibilities
Section 10 Individual taxation
Section 11 Corporate Taxation
Section 12 Partnership Taxation
Section 13 Transactions in Property
Section 14 Gift and Estate Tax, Trusts And Exempt Organizations, Other Taxation Topics

Introduction to Contracts

Section 1 can be broken down into several major components:

1. Types of Contracts
2. Essential Elements of a Contract
3. How Contracts May Be Voided
4. The Statute of Frauds
5. The Parol Evidence Rule
6. Assignment of Contracts/Delegation
7. The Doctrine of Substantial Performance
8. Remedies for Breach of Contract/ Mitigation of Damages

While some of these terms may be quite unfamiliar to you on first seeing them, everything will become quite clear within the next few minutes as you continue reading.